HRI Pioneers Workshop 2009
8 September 2008: this page is created.
16 January 2009: congratulations to the 28 accepted participants!
20 February 2009: Schedule added.
25 February 2009: Attendees, Keynote added. Some attendees have expressed interested in room-sharing at the conference hotel. Email Marek to get connected.
The field of human-robot interaction is new but growing rapidly. While there are now several established researchers in the field, many of the current human-robotic interaction practitioners are students or recently graduated. This workshop, to be held in conjunction with the HRI 2009 conference, aims to bring together this group of researchers to present their current research to an audience of their peers in a setting that is less formal and more interactive than the main HRI conference; to talk about the important issues in their field; and to hear about what their colleagues are doing. Participants are encouraged to actively engage and form relationships with others by discussing fundamental topics in HRI and by engaging in hands-on group activities.
We are happy to report that the United States National Science Foundation has agreed to help fund the workshop. Attendees will receive information about what that means for workshop-related expenses.
Keynote Talk
We are pleased to have Matthias Scheutz delivering our keynote talk. Professor Scheutz is Director of the Human Robot Interaction Laboratory in the Cognitive Science Program at Indiana University.
The format of the workshop will have participants presenting their work in short talks, hearing from an expert in the field on the important problems in HRI, and meeting in small group sessions to discuss common research themes.

The workshop will take place on March 10, 2009, in San Diego, CA, in conjunction with the workshops one day prior to the start of the HRI 2009 conference on March 11-13. Potential participants are encouraged to submit a two-page abstract of their current research, a one-paragraph statement of motivation for attending the workshop, and a letter of support from their research advisor by October 15, 2008, to our on-line application.

We have accepted 28 students and young researchers to the workshop. Nine will be asked to give a brief (15 minute plus 5 minutes discussion) talk to the workshop about their work. The remainder will be expected to talk about their work during breakout sessions and meals.
Program Committee
Travel & Accomodations
This workshop, and the HRI conference itself, will be held at the San Diego Marriott La Jolla. Some attendees have expressed interested in room-sharing at the conference hotel. Email Marek to get connected.

General information about attending the HRI conference, including registration, visas, accommodations, and travel, can be found here.