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The workshop will take place on the campus of EPFL in BC04. Posters can be be set up for the entire day in the exterior hall starting at 8:30AM.
The field of human-robot interaction is new but growing rapidly. While there are now several established researchers in the field, many of the current human-robotic interaction practitioners are students or recently graduated. This workshop, to be held in conjunction with the HRI 2011 conference, aims to bring together this group of researchers to present their current research to an audience of their peers in a setting that is less formal and more interactive than the main HRI conference; to talk about the important issues in their field; and to hear about what their colleagues are doing. Participants are encouraged to actively engage and form relationships with others by discussing fundamental topics in HRI and by engaging in hands-on group activities.

Participants will hear short presentations on current research from 6 selected participants, with time allotted for questions and discussion after each of these talks. Participants not allocated to oral presentations are encouraged to discuss their research with others throughout the day, such as during the ice breaker game, at lunch, during breaks, etc.

Following this, a panel of senior HRI researchers from both academia and industry will field questions from participants. These discussions may continue over lunch in smaller groups.

In the afternoon, a hands-on breakout session will involve small group projects in which participants will investigate how to design a HRI experiment. Afterward, the groups will present a summary to the entire workshop.

The workshop will take place on March 6, 2011, in Lausanne, Switzerland, in conjunction with the HRI 2011 conference.


Proceedings for the Workshop.

Note: You will be given a copy of the proceedings upon your arrival to the workshop, so there is no need to print them out.

Tentative Schedule
Panel discussion
Topic: The interdisciplinary challenge in HRI research.

Invited speakers:

Program Committee
Important Dates
We would like to thank the National Science Foundation Division of Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS) for travel support under grant number 1115939.
Potential participants are expected to submit 1) a 2-page abstract of their current research in the HRI late breaking report format 2) a letter of recommendation from their research adviser and 3) their curriculum vitae (CV). Please follow the instructions described here. The abstract, CV, and letter of recommendation (sent by the supervisor/advisor) should be sent to to [email protected] by 29th December 2010.
Travel & Accomodation
The workshop will be held at EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland. Please consult the main HRI conference website for maps and directions.