We will have multiple keynotes presentation during the workshop. More speakers to come.

Heather Knight

Dr. Heather Knight is a Computer Science professor at Oregon State University. Her research interests include human-robot interaction, non-verbal machine communications and non-anthropomorphic social robots. She directs the CHARISMA* Research Lab, whose goal is to operationalize methods from the performing arts to make more charismatic robots. *Collaborative Humans and Robots: Interaction, Sociability, Machine Learning, and Art.

Jeonghye Han

Dr. Jeonghye Han is a professor at Cheongju National University of Education. Her research interests include human-robot interaction, robotic learning, social and cognitive psychology of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and robot assist learning in robotic learning.

Jung Kim

Dr. Jung Kim is a professor at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). His research interests include Medical Virtual Reality, robotics, haptics Bioinstrumentation, Image-Guided Surgery, tissue engineering, Surgical tool for Minimally Invasive Surgery, Medical robotics, and Biomechanics.


The theme of the panel is "Your HRI Journey", focusing on the panelists' journey and challanges in navigating academia, conducting research in HRI and how they arrive at where they are today. This year's panel consists of Dr. Heather Knight, Prof. Ana Paiva, Dr. Angelica Lim and Dr. Kate Tsui


Ana Paiva

Prof. Ana Paiva is a Full Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering, IST (“Instituto Superior Técnico”) from the University of Lisbon and coordinator of GAIPS – “Intelligent and Social Agents Group” at INESC-ID. She investigates the creation of AI and complex systems using an agent-based approach, with a particular focus on social agents. Her primary research interests are in the fields of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, Affective Computing, Virtual Agents and Human-Robot Interaction. After her PhD in the UK, she returned to Portugal where she created a group of intelligent agents and synthetic characters (GAIPS). Her research focuses on the affective and social elements in the interactions between humans and machines. In particular, she is interested in investigating AI techniques involving social agents and robots that can contribute to a more humane and fair society. She served as a member of numerous international conference and workshops. She has (co-)authored over 200 publications in refereed journals, conferences, workshops and books, having organised over twenty events in the areas of social agents.

Angelica Lim

Dr. Angelica Lim is an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in Computing Science at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Canada, who has studied and worked in robotics for over 10 years in Canada, France and Japan. As director of the SFU Rosie Lab, her current research focuses on building robots with social intelligence and empathy, particularly using affective and developmental robotics paradigms. Before that, she spent 4 years as a Software Engineering Manager at SoftBank Robotics in Paris, where she led the emotion recognition team for Pepper the humanoid robot. She has been featured on the BBC, given talks at SXSW and TEDx, hosted a TV documentary on robotics, and was recently featured in Forbes 20 Leading Women in AI. She is a native of Vancouver, with a B.Sc. in Computing Science from SFU and a Ph.D. and Masters from Kyoto University, Japan.

Kate Tsui

Dr. Katherine Tsui is a User Experience Researcher at Toyota Research Institute. Her current research investigates HRI in the context of automated driving technologies and users both within the automated vehicle (AV) and outside of the AV with focus on situation awareness and appropriate levels of trust.